Monday, September 20, 2010

Listening is difficult, when you are biased like always

Mind seems to be rational and logical but its not!

The thing with us is that, we make decisions first based on our instincts and then give a cover of logic and rationale.

This is the probably the only reason, why "Art of Listening" is so difficult to master.

Given the fact that I enter a room to listen to a person, and I am pre biased that I am correct, cause I have reasons. How will I ever learn new things?

For being a better Listener, you need to have Doubts. Doubts to entertain, some one else point of view.

Your own growth is your own personal journey and without having a doubt within, your bias will never break and you will never learn new thing.

So what is more important
Having a Strong Believe or having a doubt?

I have believed many things in different phase of my life and I had my doubts.
I would rather live with a Doubt than a firm belief.

After the secret of my Confidence is, "I am as confused as everyone else".

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