Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Free of Action and Free of Judgement

A Social man is bound to perform certain actions, wanting to be judged a certain way.

If you think and keep peeling the onion layers, you will soon realize that our actions are governed by other people's judgment. We are institutionalized to like certain judgements and dislike certain judgement. This is how Society is forms.

A Society is a group (like the borg) which accepts people to perform certain actions and if they would like to think in a certain way. The society is good at enforcing people performing actions but not equally good in enforcing a way of thinking. This is why give an invisible cloak to a person and he will perform all the actions he is thinking about.

Same goes with our family member, we are institutionalized. Ideally a family is to be based upon acceptance but its based on expectation (a more or less unsaid contract, where expectation is given words like duty, sacrifice, tradition and culture).

Just as an experiment try to act free as sometimes you think free. You will get a severe reaction, but go ahead and further ahead, till the point you see the institutionalization. Have a fight, behave in a way not expected from you.

You will reach a point where you see that "You are actually a free person", and there is no need to be bounded to an idea or material thing to cover your insecurity.

For people who are more conservative, I will put it this way, as long as you want something bad in life that thing will always control you, you will be always bounded. This is just an experiment to be able to see it in reality.

Think about it as this, "Secrets, The book" which states the law "What you think you want, becomes real. What you think you don't want becomes real". The law works both ways, either positive or negative thoughts about a thing, the thing becomes real.

Because we want some thing bad, and the real reason we want something bad, because we are insecure (and we want to add this external thing to ourself and it doesn't ever stick), we keep getting the same thing we dont want.

Now my experiment is not about "Secrets, The book", infact you can argue, this is not what secret says and I agree.

My experiment is to learn to loose things and see the insecurity with in our selfs. If you really don't want to loose something, at least go close to loosing it.

Live this experiment time to time to be in touch with the reality (what is really there and what is a manifest of our insecurity).